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Filmmaker. Storyteller. Auteur
"Storytelling is like breathing. I do it because everything about filmmaking brings life to my soul. When you find something that you cannot live without it then it becomes incumbent upon you to make it apart of everything you do. " -4Reels
And that's called humor people because you must humor me as I work to bring light to your perspective, life to your story and love to your brand. 



Warner Bros Directing Workshop Alumni 

1st African American man ever selected to Warner Bros.Directing Program.  



Half Initiative Recipient


Action on Film Festival 

"IL Ferito aka The Wounded" was nominated for Best Western and Best Period Piece. It finished as the 1st runner up for Best Period Piece. 


"AbsolutSin" Interview 


Sacramento Film Festival 

"AbsolutSin" premiered in April 2013 to much fan faire and was nominated for best Dramatic short only to end up a 1st runner up.

Arpa International Film Festival 

"Interrogation" premiered at the famed Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA. 

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